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181AS 181st Airlift Squadron is part of the 136th AW, NAS Ft. Worth Joint Reserve Base, Carswell Field, TX. In 1978, they were redesignated from a AREFS to a TAS after converting from the KC-97L to the C-130B. In 1986, they converted to nine C-130H. From 5 Oct 90-15 Apr 91 they were called to active duty for Desert Storm.
185AS 185th Airlift Squadron is part of the 137th AW at Will Rogers World Airport, OK. They converted to the C-130A from the C-97 and C-124 in 1974.  In 1979 they converted to nine C-130H. (patch on left donated by David Furr)
187AS 187th Airlift Squadron is part of the 153rd AW Cheyenne MAP, WY. In 1972, they converted to the C-130B from the C-121G. In the 90's,  the Bs were traded in for eight new C-130Hs. Patch on left donated by Dave Troyanek, WYANG Public Affairs.
189AS 189th Airlift Squadron is part of the 124th Wing, Boise, Idaho. They receivd five C-130Es in 1996.
192 AS 192nd Airlift Squadron is part of the 152d AW, Reno, NV. They currently fly eight C-130Es. (patch dontated by Matt Milby)


193 SOS 193th Special Operations Squadron is part of the 193rd SOW of the Pennsylvania ANG. They fly eight Commando Solo EC-130E (RR). They received their first EC-130 in 1979. This is the only US Air Force asset whose mission is to support psychological operations (PSYOP) by broadcasting programs in the standard AM/FM radio, television, shortwave, and military communication bands. They are slated to receive new "J" models in the near future.
198 AS 198th Airlift Squadron part of the 156th AW of the Puerto Rico ANG, located at the Luis Munoz Marin IAP, PR. On 1 Oct  98, they converted from the F-16 to the C-130E.
204AS 204th Airlift Squadron is part of the 154th Wing at Hickam AFB, Hawaii. The Hawaii ANG has flown the C-130 since 1984. They flew the C-130A from 1984 to 1989 and upgraded to the C-130H2 in 1989. They currently operate five Herks, three C130H-20s and two C-130H-30s. The 204th AS was officially activated on 1 Oct 1994. Patches donated by Gordon Lau.
210RQS 210th Rescue Squadron is part of the 176th Wing in Anchorage, AK. They received the HC-130N on 15 Oct 1990 shortly after federal recognition. They currenly fly four HC-130N aircraft.
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  • 122d Fighter Squadron part of the159th Fighter Wing at NAS New Orleans JRB, LA has one C-130E assigned (tail# 62-1859)
  • 157th Fighter Squadron part of the 169th Fighter Wing at McEnitre ANGS, SC "Swamp Fox" has one C-130E assigned (tail# 64-0520)
  • 159th Fighter Squadron part of 125th Fighter Wing has at Jacksonville IAP, FL has one C-130E assigned (tail# 64-0521) Patch donated by Robert Cushman


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