Welcome to C-130 Hercules Headquarters Welcome to the C-130 Hercules Headquarters. This unofficial site is dedicated to the mighty Herk and all those who fly, maintain, and build this venerable multi-talented aircraft past and present. Enjoy your visit, it can take quite awhile to see the entire site. I try to keep the site updated often as possible. If you have any suggestions or comments just drop me a note by E-mail.

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What's New:

4 Nov: I've posted 15 new pictures in the Images section of the site and have been working on squadron updates.

11 July: Hello all. I've received several messages wondering what has happened to me since there have been no updates in quite awhile. Due to a very busy work schedule and personal obligations, I am taking a so called leave of absence from adding new content to the web site. I will still make corrections and be keeping an eye on the message board and everything will remain up and running. I have been saving pictures that have been sent in and will start posting them again when time permits. When I add some new material, I will also add a note on the Message Board letting you all know.

This site has been online since 1997. The amount of visitors and the size of the site has grown immensely in the last couple of years. I appreciate all the inputs I have received from visitors to the site that has allowed the frequent updates,articles, and large amount of pictures that are stored on this web site. I also must thank the many people who stepped up to help with the financial burden of hosting this web site commercial free. Keep those Herks in the air and enjoy the web site. SG

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